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Why we are the UK's fastest growing Online Success story and how we can do the same for you...

As one of the UK's fastest growing SEO and Online Reputation Management consultancies, we, at Blue Gecko Media aim to provide a World class, no-nonsense solution to your Online - Marketing ambitions.

Our people thrive by developing long-term relationships with all our clients in order to maximise their sales and strategic Brand development online and offline with our market leading methodology. 

Our renowned SEO strategy (CREATION 2.0) allows businesses of all sizes from any sector, the freedom and ability to succeed online at a Global or Local level, both by providing a fully comprehensive and unique service. We aim to improve and maintain your online reputation at a level that your competitors could only dream of. It is our primary focus to take your Brand to "Critical Mass" in terms of online exposure and generate a powerful, online ”buzz” that will enable you to dominate your industry sector and maximise revenue.

By partnering with us, we enable you to reach your target audience and thrive in even the most competitive market sectors. Blue Gecko Media will create a level playing field for you in the world of Digital Marketing.

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We do SEO with a difference. Your Online Reputation is probably far more important than your own website's Search Engine Rankings. Why? Because every time somebody searches for a business in your niche, in your area, you can rest assured, the most prominent results will be from the major customer review sites. This is where managing your online reputation comes into play. 

One bad, yet very prominent review can literally be costing your business many thousands of dollars profit in lost sales, each and every month. Next time you search online for a local restaurant, ask yourself this... Would I rather listen to what the restaurants opinion of itself is, or would I trust a review from a previous customer?

 Unfortunately, the vast majority of businesses fail to realise the importance and financial effect of their own online reputation. Management of this aspect of your business's online marketing efforts is one of the most important factors you could consider when planning your next move. Don't underestimate the power of Online Reputation Management. Get our FREE report today by clicking on the button below. Send us your web address and let our team of experts analyse your current online reputation profile right now, completely free of charge. If you value your customer, then you need to value your online reputation. 


SEO + Social Blast Premium.

We aim to get you on Google's first page no matter how competitive your Industry. Your website is nothing without thousands of interested, targeted daily visitors. "Build it and they will come" no longer applies in today's world. We know what works; let us show you how it's done.

Solid on-site and off-site SEO, when integrated with our powerful Social Media Campaign can ensure that your site receives maximum online exposure whilst creating enormous levels of Social Proof and Word-Of-Mouth. This in today’s marketplace is priceless.

Care to see how your site is currently performing for the search engines? Get a FREE, no-obligation Online Visibility Report for your site – CLICK HERE.

Choose our SEO+ Social Blast  Package and watch your sales and online presence explode.

Our Premium package includes the following:

1.)     Advanced SEO (Penguin Friendly) for up to 10 Keywords – Our aim is to get you to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages(SERPS) by creating a vast network of online hubs, full of unique, valuable content relating to your site, this helps the Search Engine’s determine the relevance and quality of your site in relation to your chosen keywords. Get this right , and we guarantee, you will probably never again have to worry where your next client is coming from.

2.)     Comprehensive Keyword Research and Placement – We will analyse over 3000 Keywords relevant to your business and select those which will bring the most traffic, the most conversions and the highest possible Search Engine rankings for your site.

3.)     Deep Field Competitor Analysis – We will analyse your closest competitors, advise you of their Search Engine Visibility, how they are ranking with the Search Engines as well as detailed reports on their SEO linking strategies in order to allow you to keep one step ahead of the competition at every stage.

4.)     Monthly detailed SEO reports – Showing you exactly how well your site is performing in the search engines while simultaneously showing you how your competitors are gradually dropping down the rankings as your site’s profile and visitor numbers soar.

5.)     Professional Fanpage Creation For Facebook.

6.)     Facebook Page Content Creation and Facebook Page Management.

7.)     A guaranteed minimum of 1000 real, engaged fans/ Likes to your business page.

8.)     1000 Real Twitter Followers to your Twitter Page.

9.)     2000 Social Comments Per Month – Generate an unprecedented social presence for your business and watch your ideas go viral.

Get SEO + Social Blast Premium for 3 months – Only £978 Per Month.

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